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From the plush towels to ideal location, our apartment was perfect. Thanks for living up to your promises! Justin, Melbourne

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  • The Last of French Asparagus Season

    The Last of French Asparagus Season

    Philippe’s cousins visited us from Normandy last weekend and brought a special gift, over 10 kilos or 25 pounds — of asparagus! What a perfect gift; this is one of Philippe’s favorite foods and he could eat it 365 days a year. We love to eat with hollandaise sauce and have included a couple of easy recipes for you.

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  • The Exquisite Jacquemart André Museum in Paris

    The Exquisite Jacquemart André Museum in Paris

    If you lack the time (or energy) to fight the crowds at the Louvre or Musée d’Orsay, but still want to enjoy glorious paintings, sculptures and works of art, be sure to visit the beautiful Jacquemart André Museum in Paris.

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  • Tips to Help You Navigate Paris Supermarkets

    Tips to Help You Navigate Paris Supermarkets

    There’s just something so exquisitely exotic about walking down the aisles of your local grocery store in Paris, seeing items that are vaguely familiar, but all the labels are in a foreign language! Don’t worry, even if you speak no French at all, it’s fairly easy to manage. The following tips will help you navigate like a true Parisian.

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  • Summer Sales in Paris!

    Summer Sales in Paris!

    Got up early last week and took a nice long walk through my favorite streets in the 6th and 7th on the Left Bank . One thing was obvious, everything in Paris is on sale!

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  • Paris Supermarkets – Part 1!

    Paris Supermarkets – Part 1!

    A highlight of staying in a Paris apartment is the chance to live like a local and engage in the little errands of everyday life in your neighborhood. Shopping the local markets and grocery stores is a treat not to be missed. France is a delight for foodies, and there are many grocery stores in central Paris.

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