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  • Recipe for Quick and Delicious Chilled Gazpacho

    Recipe for Quick and Delicious Chilled Gazpacho

    Enjoy the lingering days of summer warmth and the abundance of the Paris open-air markets with this easy and healthy chilled gazpacho soup recipe that has been a hit with our family. Bon appetit!

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  • Asparagus Soup Recipe

    Asparagus Soup Recipe

    One thing we learnt from our cooking lessons with acclaimed Italian chef Franco Taruschio is that Italians never waste food! Here’s a delicious recipe for asparagus soup using the leftover asparagus peels from asparagus lasagna.

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  • Nerissa’s Christmas Traditions & Recipes

    Nerissa’s Christmas Traditions & Recipes

    Our Reservations Manager, Nerissa, shares some wonderful traditions and recipes that were influenced by her Dutch upbringing and her time spent living in London with her family.

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  • The Last of French Asparagus Season

    The Last of French Asparagus Season

    Philippe’s cousins visited us from Normandy last weekend and brought a special gift, over 10 kilos or 25 pounds — of asparagus! What a perfect gift; this is one of Philippe’s favorite foods and he could eat it 365 days a year. We love to eat with hollandaise sauce and have included a couple of easy recipes for you.

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