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Champ de Mars Park in Paris

Champ de Mars Park in Paris

Enjoy a moment of true Parisian life in the Champ de Mars gardens. French families have been coming here for generations to relax, let their children ride the carrousel and enjoy the views.

Surrounding the Eiffel Tower are the Champ de Mars gardens, where you can enjoy a moment of true Parisian life. You can relax, walk, picnic and play in the in the beautiful gardens along with French families who have been coming here for generations.

Fun for Families

Children can enjoy four different playgrounds, a basketball court, an antique hand-cranked merry-go-round, and the Les Guignols puppet theatre.   The Mayor of Paris has opened the parks along the river for cyclists on Sundays. Rent bicycles or skates and join in for unforgettable holiday memories!

Watch the Nightly Light Show on the Eiffel Tower

After sunset, watch in awe as the magic light show begins very hour on the hour at the Eiffel Tower, where 20,000 lights being to sparkle for five minutes.  It was the site for the famous Exposition of 1889, when the Eiffel Tower was built.

History of the Champ de Mars

The Champs de Mars history wasn't always so peaceful.  In fact the name means "Field of Mars" afte Mars the god of war.

During the French Revolution, in July 1791, the National Assembly issued a decree that Louis XVI would remain king as a constitutional monarch.  But the leaders of the Republican Party demanded he be removed.  A growd gathered on the Champs de Mars to sign the peition to remove the King.  The Marquis de Lafayette and National Guard peaceably marched on the crowd and dispersed them.  However, a larger crowd led by Danton began to form and became more threatening.  Lafayette tried again to disperse the crowd but stones started to be thrown.  After warning shots didn't work, the Guard opened fire on the crowd.  Estimates of those killed range from ten to fifty, and this became known as the Champs de Mars Massacre, or the Fusillade du Champs de Mars.  This was the same Lafayette who aided the American revolutions in 1776 and descendants of his family own the Hermitage apartment rental located right in these gardens!

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