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Cooking Class: Champagne and Choux, the New Horizons of Puff Pastry

Discover the art of making choux pastry as you sip champagne on this delightfully Parisian cooking class.

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Cooking Class: Champagne and Choux, the New Horizons of Puff Pastry

The key to many of France's most decadent desserts, from the éclair to profiteroles, is a perfect choux pastry. Join an accomplished Parisian chef in their home and learn the secrets for preparing your own puff pastry. Create the dough of the choux pastry and then get to work molding it into the various bite sized savories and sweet pastries that the Parisian bakeries are famous for. Sip champagne as you and your intimately small group work and take advantage of the expert tuition and advice. As your lesson comes to an end, relax with your host and enjoy the heavenly treats you've created together.

Tour Details

The Champagne and Choux cooking class provides expert dessert baking advice and the opportunity to try several tasty Parisian treats. Price for individual tours is just €150 per person and a private cooking class for your party can be arranged for €450.

    • The class lasts approximately 3.5 hours.
    • This tour schedule can change monthly and seasonally. Check the calendar for availability.
    • 85% refund for any tour cancellation made forty-eight hours or more prior to the tour.
    • If you are running late to your tour, call the emergency number. Otherwise, the tour may leave without you, thus leaving you with a non-refundable, missed tour.
    • As this class is held in the home of a local chef, the location will vary depending on which docent is running the class.
    • Please note any and all food intolerances while booking your tour. However, many of the pastries utilize dairy and wheat; if you have these intolerances, look instead to cooking class To Market, To Market.