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Louvre Crash Course

Discover the most important works amongst the Louvre's vast collection on this three hour guided walk through the world's most famous art museum.

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ADDITIONAL COSTS: €15 entrance ticket. Each participant aged 18+ will need a ticket to enter the Louvre. The Louvre ticket will be purchased for you by your guide to allow you to skip-the-line pre-tour. A Museum Pass can be used. If you intend to use such a pass, simply remove this ticket from your cart at time of booking.

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Louvre Crash Course

Meet your guide and art historian at the Louvre and receive a brief introduction to the famous museum that was once the palatial home to French royalty. Begin your journey through the history of art in the antiquities department where you'll discover the earliest forms of art and culture from thousands of years of civilization. Marvel at the transcendent beauty of the Greek and Roman sculptures as you gaze upon the famed Nike of Samothrace and the Venus de Milo. Progress into the galleries of the Italian masters and see the iconic works of Leonardo di Vinci and Veronese. As your tour nears the end you'll visit the works of David and Delacroix in the French painting galleries and discuss the competing art movements of Neoclassicism and Romanticism.

Tour Details

The Louvre Crash Course tour leads you through several centuries and several departments of the Louvre, lending context and background to each culture’s paintings and artifacts. The tour price is €85 per person or €375 per party plus an additional €17 per Louvre entrance ticket.

    • The tour lasts approximately 3 hours.
    • This tour usually runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. No tours are scheduled on some French and multinational holidays.
    • 85% refund for any tour cancellation made forty-eight hours or more prior to the tour.
    • If you are running late to your tour, call the emergency number. Otherwise, the tour may leave without you, thus leaving you with a non-refundable, missed tour.
    • Near the Louvre, Paris.