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Louvre Crash Course for Families: Gods, Queens, and Heroines

Ignite a passion for history in your children with this guided tour through the Louvre's most exciting collections.

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ADDITIONAL COSTS: €15 entrance ticket. Each participant aged 18+ will need a ticket to enter the Louvre. A Museum Pass can be used. If you intend to have such a pass, simply remove this ticket from your cart at time of booking.

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Louvre Crash Course for Families: Gods, Queens, and Heroines

The Louvre is home to a diverse range of famous art but this guided tour offers an exciting exploration that will fascinate all ages and is perfect for families. Decide which of the three themes most takes your fancy, whether it's Gods and Goddesses, Kings and Queens or Heroes and Heroines. As you embark on your journey of discovery, learn some of the Louvre's own fascinating history and perhaps even a few of its secrets. Let your imagination wander as you admire the sculpted gods and goddesses of Greek mythology. Travel back in time to the days of ancient Egypt and unlock the mysteries of the pharos told through hieroglyphics. Discover the heroics of Roman legends in the masterful paintings of Jacques-Louis David. Adults and children alike will learn something new on this fascinating guided walk.

Tour Details

The Louvre Crash Course for Families tour provides an in-depth look at “your” Louvre, allowing you and your children to choose your own experience and achieve an intriguing look into the past. Price is €315 per family plus additional fee for entrance to the museum.

    • The tour lasts approximately 2.5 hours.
    • This tour usually runs all week except Tuesdays. No tours are scheduled on some French and multinational holidays.
    • 85% refund for any tour cancellation made forty-eight hours or more prior to the tour.
    • If you are running late to your tour, call the emergency number. Otherwise, the tour may leave without you, thus leaving you with a non-refundable, missed tour.
    • Louvre, Paris