Our Kir Apartment Rental in Paris, a New Look!



Kir studio compact and oh so charming!

We redecorated our  Kir apartment last month and I stayed there to finish it.  We also like to ‘test drive’ the apartment to make sure everything works well!  We changed the dining room table to a charming French oak table. Added new dining chairs, arm chair, sofa cover, curtains and cushions to give it a French Country/Provencal feel.

Kir is a compact studio apartment in the center of of a great neighborhood in Paris,  cute and comfortable.  What we fell in love with were the large windows and gorgeous views over Paris rooftops.   It’s located on the top floor of the building and benefits from sunlight and that feeling of ‘Ahhhhh, Paris!’ when you gaze out the large French windows.


Beautiful sunlight streaming through the large windows in the Kir apartment located on the top floor.

Always practical, we designed a wall of closets beyond the oak dining table.  for storage.  We eve  used the crawl space above the kitchen to install air conditioning.

The building opposite only reaches the 4th floor, so there are unobstructed views of tree-lined streets and the Champs de Mars gardens, a rarity in Paris. On the far right, you even get a peek of the Eiffel Tower.


Peek of the Eiffel Tower to the right of the Kir apartment


French Empire sofa in antique white, trundle underneath

The sofa is antiqued white with long seat that converts to a single bed by removing the cover. We like the fact that you can stretch out and nap on it during the day, and pull out the trundle bed underneath for a second single bed at night.

Pretty white armchair with fluffly cushion  faces it.  An antique dresser sits between the two windows for storage.


Kir apartment entry; kitchen on left and living straight ahead

Step into the apartment and the kitchen isimmediately on your left, with bathroom beyond.  Living area is straight ahead.  Some people say small spaces should have light cabinets, but we chose rich dark colors for the kitchen. The pink and brown granite countertops sparkle from the under cupboard lighting.

For fun, thought you’d enjoy seeing some pictures of how it looked when we purchased it! It looked like a cyclone had hit it, but it was only a French student who loved ‘la vie Parsienne’ but didn’t have the word ‘organise’ et propre’ were not part of their vocabulary.


Before Picture of entrwyway towards living room

The right side of the apartment was a work area that we remodeled into a dining space with wall to wall closets.  It was hard to see the potential, but we saw the two large french windows that offered fantastic sunny views over this charming neighborhood … and we knew we could turn it into something wonderful.

Transformed to dining area with wall to wall closets

If you’re looking for an apartment to buy anywhere in the world,  make sure the bones are right — views, feeling of space, sunlight and location!

The compar  Kir studio is a popular apartment for couples, with full air conditioning and rare Paris views!

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  1. annecychic@gmail.com' annecychic says:

    I’ve been wanting to write to let you know that I love your new website–chic and very user friendly! I’m also enjoying your blog, a perfect way to keep friends and clients informed on all of your lovely properties.

    The Kir redo is beautiful; you should write about your decorating formula on your blog–there are many readers who look to your apartments for inspiration in their own home!


  2. Steve Noel Sr. says:

    Steve Noel Sr….

    Your topic Our Kir Apartment Rental in Paris, a New Look! ” Paris Perfect Blog was interesting when I found it on Saturday searching for french country dining chairs. Good Reading! Steve Noel Sr….

  3. It’s just gorgeous. Your apartments are exquisite!

  4. mercedesbenz15@comcast.net' Saint Paul Apartments says:

    This makes me want to pack my bags and move to Paris.

  5. horsefan77@ymail.com' Elton Vang says:

    Very good text. I’ve found your blog via Bing and I’m really happy about the information you provide in your posts. Btw your sites layout is really broken on the Kmelon browser. Would be great if you could fix that. Anyhow keep up the good work!

  6. gocolorado1@gmail.com' michelle says:

    When did you buy your apartment?
    Can you recommend an agent to help me buy an apartment in Paris?
    Did you look in specific areas?
    I love the Saint Getmain & Sorborrne areas but your neighborhood looks lovely.
    What is the address of your apartment.
    Thank you
    Clearwater, FL

  7. maddersb@gmail.com' madelyn says:

    Hi Michelle, sorry for the late reply. Happy to help. Email me at [email protected] and I’ll pass on the name of a search agent we know and trust. There are a few apartments for sale at http://www.apartmentsforsaleparis.com that might be of interest too

  8. kara@gmail.com' Christina says:

    Great article, very informative, thanks!

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