A Perfect Pied à Terre in Paris — the Médoc Apartment for Sale



The charming Medoc Apartment in Paris possesses that special feeling which makes you feel welcome the moment you step in the door.

Our guests at Paris Perfect love the combination of factors that goes into the selection of a Paris Perfect apartment. It’s a long list including features such as: locations on high floors, views over Paris rooftops, natural sunlight (easily forgotten if you’re viewing apartments in spring and summer, but important on short winter days), elevators in classic Parisian style buildings.

One of the most important factors is to live in the best, central Paris locations where it’s easy to explore Paris on foot.  Our favorite Paris neighborhoods such as the 7th offer this and more, with its village-like atmosphere close to bustling markets, patisseries and green grocers, fashion boutiques,  affordable bistros, good  restaurants, favorite cafes and more.

Step outside each morning and the day is yours. Enjoy a café au lait and the Herald Tribune on rue Cler, make plans to visit a new exhibition or museum, or shop at the best open air farmers’ markets as the locals do.   Take a cooking course, French classes or attend a lecture at the American Library.  Stop at a favourite bistro in the company of a special person over wine and a delicious lunch.   Stroll along bustling streets to enjoy the ever-changing fashions in designer boutiques.  In winter, bundle up and watch the lights come on along beautiful streets or linger on the bridges of the Seine and watch the boats float by. End each day with a beautiful walk home along the Seine at sunset.


Enjoy mornings at your favorite local cafe

Many readers have dreamed about spending part of each year in Paris and often ask if our owners are interested in selling their apartments. They don’t come up for sale often, but we have good news as the compact and charming Medoc one bedroom apartment will be offered for sale early next year. See more photos and a full description below.   There are additional photos and other Paris apartments for sale on this site.


The small balconies in the living room and bedroom are a rare plus. Step outside to enjoy views of blue skies and Paris rooftops, a real advantage when you spend time at home.

The asking price is €599,000 for this fully remodeled apartment. This includes all furnishings and quality touches such as granite countertops, Italian marble tiles in the bathroom and top appliances.  An important factor is that our award-winning team wishes to seamlessly manage and maintain Medoc when the owners are away.

Relying on years of experience to locate the best apartments in Paris, we found Medoc via inside sources we have developed over the years. Charming apartments that contain ‘wow’ factors are hard to find in Paris.  Even though it needed a complete remodel, it possessed those important factors. The purchase offer was made and accepted on the spot, before other buyers had a chance to visit it. Using  our development expertise and sources we selected the best builders to remodel the apartment and best suppliers to furnish to the highest standards at a cost of over € 130,000.

Most apartments in Paris are sold completely empty –  not even the kitchens – and in need of a full remodel..  If a buyer were fortunate enough to find a similar apartment in Paris — the same sought-after Left Bank neighborhood, sunny upper floor location featuring balconies and views —  it would cost significantly more to purchase and remodel.   Buyers would need to locate reliable builders, specify materials, design details and expect to pay € 180,000 to €210,000 to remodel and furnish.  Not being on hand to oversee the works, buyers should expect constructions times of nine months or more.   In contrast, Medoc is ready to enjoy as soon as you receive the keys.

Touring the Medoc apartment:

Walk through the lobby of  this 1800’s building, through the back courtyard to the rear building.


You can just see the french doors and balconies of the Medoc on the very top floor of the building.

Look up and you’ll see the two small balconies of Medoc on the very top floor.   Then walk thru the short corridor that leads to the elevator — you’ll see the original French tiles on the floor that were laid in the 1800’s.   Step into the small elevator and up you go to the 7th floor.

Centuries ago, the most desirable apartments were located on the lowest floors because people had to take the stairs to access their apartment.  All of this changed about the time that Gustaf  Eiffel built his famous tower, with the invention of the elevator.  Over the decades and centuries, elevators have been fitted into most Paris buildings … but definitely not all.  This reversed apartment values due to the ease of access ad now upper floor apartments are more valuable than lower floor ones. Visitors to Paris are often surprised at the size and shapes of elevators, not realzing that are individually designed around the shapes of each lobby and staircase.  In order to fit, they come in all shapes and sizes . One thing is common; they are often small like the one in Medoc.  The positive point is Medoc’s elevator is relatively recent and works well.


The original French tiles floors lead to the elevator.

Take the elevator to the 7th floor and step inside the Medoc apartment. Step inside and you’re immediately struck by the sparkling sunlight that streams in from the french doors in the living room and bedroom, plus the windows in the dining room.  On warm days, open the french doors onto the balconies so you can step out and savor sunny Paris skies, rooftop views and the golden Invalides dome in the distance.


Our favorite architect designed an open living room, dining area and kitchen which created a more spacious feel. Beyond is the dining area and kitchen. The chandeliers add a pretty French touch, with a pretty reflection in the large living room mirror. The large window which overlooks the ancient clock tower in the 7th arrondissement.

Possessing the important features we look for at Paris Perfect, the efficient one bedroom Medoc measures approximately 410 sq. feet and is located in our favorite Left Bank arrondissement, the 7th. The pleasing layout was designed by our favorite architect who opened up the living, dining area and kitchen to create a sunny open living space.

If you’ve started to search for a Paris apartment, you’ll realize why these features are important, because most apartments are located on lower floors and therefore face into a dark courtyard or the opposite building.  There isn’t alot of sunlight and sky — you automatically turn on all the lights when you step inside.  We demonstrated this a few years ago, taking photos from the top of a building and each floor on the way down.  Even we were surprised at the diminution in light.  Click here to read the post about why it’s important to stay in upper floor apartments in Paris.

In order to continue to continue the seamless upkeep and marketing of the Medoc after purchase and when owners are away, it is being sold with all furnishings.  This includes everything down to the teaspoons, including such items as the comfortable sofa imported from Italy (converting to two single beds at night), the luxury bed, same as ordered by top Paris hotels, the pretty scalloped oak dining table and chairs, comfortable armchair and ottoman, antique mirrors, the combination washer/dryer by Miele, dishwasher, full-sized refrigerator-freezer, all kitchen appliances, porcelain dishes, throws and accessories down to the Nespresso maker, champagne glasses and napkins.  We invite you to compare with other offerings in Paris and the value is compelling.

Beyond the living room is the dining room and kitchen. This pretty room is accented by the oak dining table and crystal chandelier, combining the modern beech cabinets of the kitchen with the scalloped oak table.   Find the bathroom is to the left of the kitchen.


We like the small but extremely efficient kitchen and dining space. The large window adds excellent light, reflected in the crystal chandelier. The pretty oak dining table adds a country touch to the modern kitchen and good work space when you’re preparing a gourmet feast. The kitchen is a study in efficiency with a full-sized refrigerator/freezer, combination microwave/convection oven, combination washer/dryer by Miele, Nespresso machine, dishwasher and pretty pink and gray granite countertop.


The large dining room window; views of Paris skies and the old clock tower of the 7th arrondissement

The bedroom is just beyond the living room and has a high quality, extra wide queen sized bed.  Built-in cupboards are on either side of the balcony for storage, with additional storage from the brilliant Italian bed base, which opens up with a touch of a finger to store linens, duvets and more. We found the fresco in Italy which serves as the elegant headboard.


The French doors open to a small balcony with a view of the golden Invalides’ dome in the distance. The french doors and balcony give a natural airiness and light that are rare in Paris apartments. Pretty Italian fresco frames the luxury, extra-wide queen bed.


Pretty bedroom with a fresco mural from Italy for the headboard

The chic bathroom is off the kitchen and features a walk-in shower,  tiled in beige botticcino marble that we imported from Italy. The over-the-counter sink sits on a beige limestone countertop with contemporary glass shelf underneath. A deep mirrored cabinet adds excellent storage.


Stylish bathroom wish walk-in shower

The powder room is conveniently located in the apartment entry, an added convenience for extra getting-ready room.  The marble sink came from an antique market in Italy, sold as a large bowl.  It was fitted as a sink and makes a lovely addition to the room.


The powder room or WC — just off the entryway. Separate toilet and sink means extra getting-ready room.

Sleeping up to four, this is a favorite Paris Perfect offering which we wish to manage and rent while the owners are away. Click here to view more photos and descriptions.

If you have been considering purchasing an apartment, please email us  at [email protected] for more information.

The delightful Left Bank neighborhood that surrounds the apartment …


Enjoy a leisurely start to our morning each day

The village-like feel is what makes the 7th arrondissement so popular among Parisians and visitors alike.  Shop on the rue Cler market street or sit at one of the many cafe’s on this cobblestone street and watch the world go by.


Daily food shopping like Parisians do on rue ClerAnd of course, close to the river Seine …Stroll along the river at sunset, near the Medoc apartment

And strolling along the eternal Seine river at dusk

Cherished moments strolling along the Seine at sunset

From Harlan Coben’s Long Lost
But more than that, Paris makes you feel alive.
Makes you want to feel alive.
You want to do and be and savor when you are here.
You want to feel, simply feel, and it doesn’t matter what.
All sensation is heightened.
Paris makes you want to cry and laugh and fall in love and write a poem and make love and compose a symphony.

Email us at [email protected] if you’d like to learn more.

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    What is the price of the Medoc apartment?

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    We are past clients of your company and are interested in knowing more about the terms and rental income etc

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    Do you have an estimate on the month cost of utilities?
    Electric or gas, telephone cost or available garage (parking) cost?
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    How much?

  6. maddersb@gmail.com' madelyn says:

    Hello John,
    Thank you for asking. The sales price is Euros 599,000 which includes the fully remodelled apartment, all luxury furnishings in every room, down to the tea towels in the kitchen. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.
    Best regards, Madelyn

  7. maddersb@gmail.com' madelyn says:

    Hello Soraye,
    Thank you for asking. Please email us at [email protected] and happy to help.
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    I trust you all four are doing well.
    I might be interested in buying the apartment.
    What is the area in sq. meters?
    There seems to be one bedroom only. Please confirm.



  14. maddersb@gmail.com' madelyn says:

    Hi Yves, myself and the family are doing great and I hope your family is keeping well. I will send you an email with all the information you need on our wonderful Medoc apartment. Kind Regards, Madelyn.



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