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French Wine Alsace Grapes

Beautiful grapes growing in Alsace before the autumn harvest

One of the gastronomic joys of traveling in France is the opportunity to try one of the country’s specialties – French wine! Every region in France—from the rolling hills of Burgundy where some of the most famous wines are produced to the warm Mediterranean coast of Provence—specializes in different varieties of grapes and wine production. The location, climate and geography are all characteristics that impact the terroir, that certain “something” that creates the perfect setting for certain varieties of grapes to flourish in specific locations and produce excellent wines.

Our guests often comment on how fun it is that all of the Paris Perfect vacation rentals are named after French wines. It was a natural choice as Philippe, who grew up in small town in Normandy, is a wine enthusiast. Madelyn and Philippe enjoy the naming process for each apartment – making sure they are matched with just the right wine name that reflects the style, setting and décor. We thought it would be fun to share each month about different French wines that have inspired the names of our vacation rentals in Paris.

Alsace Wines

We’re starting off our beautiful Alsace – a three bedroom vacation rental with gorgeous Eiffel Tower views. With a lovely wrap-around balcony, ideal location in the 7th arrondissement and comfortable setting, the Alsace is one of our most popular Paris vacation rentals. This apartment is named after the wines produced in the Alsace region located in the very northeastern corner of France bordering Germany and Switzerland. In fact, if you suddenly found yourself in the middle of a quaint village with half-timbered buildings, you might just think you were in Germany or Switzerland!  The history of this part of France explains the crossover of styles, in vernacular architecture, traditions and even wine production, since this area has gone back and forth between French and German control many times over the centuries.

French Wine Alsace Village and Vineyard

The charming village of Albé southwest of Strasbourg in Alsace surrounded by vineyards

Alsace is primarily known for its dry, sweet white wines, although there is a small production of rosé and red wines. The location of Alsace and its tug of war history between France and Germany has led to the wines having a strong Germanic influence. One of the most popular wines from Alsace is Riesling–a crisp, dry white wine–that is exported around the world. Alsace produces some of the finest Riesling, along with Germany and Austria. Another popular white wine produced in Alsace is the sweet and aromatic Gewürztraminer wine. Two of our other Paris Perfect apartments take their names from Alsace wines (No, not Gewürztraminer – it’s too hard to pronouce!) – our two bedroom Riesling vacation rental in the Latin Quarter and the elegant two bedroom Sylvaner apartment located near the Opéra Garnier.

Alsace Wine Bottle Riesling

The tall and skinny shape of the wine bottles are required for Alsace wines.

If you’re new to learning about French wines, you’ll want to remember Appellations d’Origine Contrôlées (abbreviated as AOC), which means “Controlled Designation of Origin.” This certifies and protects geographic production for wines, cheeses, butter and other products in France. Each region of France can produce certain varieties of wine following strict guidelines in order to label and market them as a specific type of wine. The AOC sometimes determines other requirements for wine production as well. In Alsace, for instance, all wines must be bottled in the tall, skinny bottles called “flûtes d’Alsace” or “vin du Rhin” in French. If you ever wondered why those bottles of Riesling and other Alsace wines towered above the others in the wine shop, now you know!

Paris Perfect’s Alsace Vacation Rental

Paris Perfect Vacation Apartment 7th arrondissement Eiffel Tower

Enjoy leisurely evenings at home in Paris in the comfortable double living room of the Alsace vacation rental

When we first stepped into the Alsace vacation rental, we knew it was one of those rare finds in Paris. The sunlight and beautiful decor are reminiscent of crisp, bright flavors of the best wines from Alsace. (And maybe its two levels even recalls the tall wine bottles as well!) Located on the 5th and 6th floors of a historic building (with an elevator, too!), this two-level apartment has a large living room, dining area and den with a wrap-around balcony, a master bedroom with en suite bathroom and two additional bedrooms and a full bathroom on the upper level. At 1,000 square feet, it’s a spacious and comfortable apartment with a great location in the 7th arrondissement. Oh, and did we mention the Eiffel Tower views?

Paris Perfect Vacation Rental Alsace Eiffel Tower Sunset

Sit back and enjoy the light show on the Eiffel Tower from the comfortable living room at the Alsace.

From the Alsace you can enjoy these spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower from the cozy den, the dining area and even the kitchen! Or just step out on the narrow, wrap-around balcony for a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower and the rooftops of Paris. It’s a spot you’ll just fall in love with during your stay! With the large french doors in the living room, dining area and den, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful Paris views while relaxing and catching up with family and friends. The décor is comfortable, welcoming and very Parisian!

Paris Perfect three bedroom vacation rental with Eiffel Tower View

Relax in the living room of the Alsace or step out on the wrap around balcony – either way you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower!

With three bedrooms, a beautifully remodeled, modern kitchen and plenty of space to spread out and relax, the Alsace is a perfect choice for a large family (children over 7) or friends traveling together. The apartment welcomes up to 6 guests, and features a lovely master bedroom with en suite bathroom and large french windows on the main level, a charming second bedroom and a third bedroom with a comfortable sofa bed on the second level. If you only need two bedrooms during your stay, the couch in the third bedroom is a cozy spot to read or relax during the day.

Paris Perfect three bedroom vacation rental 7th arrondissement

The three bedrooms of the Alsace from top to bottom: master bedroom with en suite bathroom, sunny second bedroom and third bedroom with high-quality sofa bed

The Alsace is beautifully decorated – from the ornate iron hand railing to lovely artwork and accents throughout the apartment. You’ll enjoy all the finishing touches and feel at home in Paris from the moment you arrive!

Details in Paris Perfect Alsace 3 bedroom vacation rental

Charming details from our three bedroom Alsace apartment in Paris

During your stay you can enjoy breakfast on the balcony with an unforgettable view of the Eiffel Tower. Or enjoy something sweet from a local patisserie with a glass of champagne while making a toast with your family and friends to a wonderful holiday in Paris. While you’re out shopping in the local wine shops on the rue Cler market street or around the 7th arrondissement—one of our favorite Paris neighborhoods—keep a look out for those distinctive tall bottles of Alsace wines. If you haven’t tried them before, your stay in the Alsace vacation rental is the perfect time to discover a new French wine! If you’d like something sparkling, find a Crémant d’Alsace, which is the AOC for the sparkling wines produced in the Alsace region. Something truly Alsatian to toast your stay at Paris Perfect’s Alsace vacation rental!

Paris Perfect Vacation Rental Balcony Eiffel Tower View Alsace

Enjoy a glass of champagne … or Alsace sparkling wine … and make a toast to a beautiful stay in Paris!

If you’d like to find out more about the Alsace vacation rental near the Eiffel Tower, visit our website here and enjoy the photo slide show of this beautiful apartment, the excellent neighborhood and Paris sights nearby. Stay tuned for more highlights and stories about the French wines that have inspired the names for our Paris Perfect vacation rentals!


Photo credits: Alsace grapes by Kristian Thy, Albé by Olivier Bacquet, Alsace wine bottle by Michal Osmenda.

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