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Johann & I were married last fall. He is the most genuine kind & humble man I’ve ever met. Growing up around a competitive family I’ve always dreamt big & never settled. While those ambitions only pushed me to work harder, the beauty from everyday blessings passed me by for yrs until I met him. He has a mantra; never take anything for granted & always be grateful for what you have. Any downfalls & disappointments he calmly & humbly accepts, learns from. When I look back on our life so far, I get an overwhelming wave of contentment & appreciation for everything. Our faith in God is stronger together; there isn’t anything we can’t achieve. I can give as much love to a stranger because my heart overflows with it. What he’s given me is beyond what I could ever dream for. He’s accepting & selfless, always makes me feel secure about myself. I want to thank him for being amazing. He taught me to stop & appreciate the beauty & the blessings around us. Our love story isn’t out of the ordinary nor overcame any supernatural situations. It’s a love that grows over time through victories & defeat.

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