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This won’t sound romantic at first, but trust me, it is.
I had been divorced for over 20 years and raised my daughter alone. I lived on a budget but made a good life us. I had long ago given up trying to meet someone new.
To my surprise after all those years, I received a call from someone that I had met socially while he was married. On his own again, he asked me out. The date, which was supposed to be for a bite at a bakery, lasted 7 hours. Within a month, he said that he wanted to take me on a trip to Paris. Truly – it was a dream. Here was this wonderful man who had everything I had wanted for so long. Although ordinarily on the cautious side, I instantly said yes. He booked the trip– including a Paris Perfect apartment, and the trip truly was Perfect. I can’t imagine a more romantic time.
It is now 8 years later. We love each other deeply and are married. We have had the chance to return to Paris, again through Paris Perfect. The trip was extraordinary. But nothing will ever replace that first romantic journey.

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