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In 2003 Dave and I vowed on a beautiful cliff side, to love and care for each other for the rest of our lives. In that moment we had no idea what our adventure would bring we just knew we were destined to be in it together. Only seven years later the vows we spoke became a living breathing promise to each other. When Dave was diagnosed with a blood cancer in 2010 the doctors didn’t think he would make it. His bone marrow was 90% cancer and he was losing the battle. For 19 days in a hospital we fought together to bring him back and now, he is cancer free. A walking miracle, our love story was given a second chance. One of the things we talked about during the darkest days of his cancer battle was our love of traveling and specifically a trip we took to Paris. We love Paris so when I saw this contest I had to join in. Not only did we create some of our most wonderful memories in this incredible city of love, we did so while staying at a beautifully appointed Paris Perfect apartment. Dave is my true love and my hero.

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About the competition

Paris is the city of romance, and this February Paris Perfect is sharing the love by giving away a free 5 night stay in a beautiful vacation rental to the most popular love story! Read more and enter here.

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