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When anyone asks me about how to find true love, I suggest they build a time machine and write secret love notes to their secret 14 year old crush.
I became captivated by the most beautiful girl and decided it would be a good idea to put secret love notes in her school locker and keep an eye on how she reacted before actually having to talk to her. I carried on writing notes for about two weeks before I realized what an idiot I was being.
Not having told a soul about the notes for 30 years, I decided (after a few drinks) I would share the story with my buddies. I concluded by saying, ‘yes, I really had it bad for Megan’, when my close friend of the previous 3 years said, ‘not Megan Hannigan?’
Totally mortified, I had been found out. Megan was his wife’s best friend.
Seeing one another after 35 years with red face and racing heart, I asked Megan’s forgiveness for being such an idiot for having written the notes. Not missing a beat, Megan replied, ‘I can embarrass you a little more…. I kept the notes’. We married on June 4, 2011.

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