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Perhaps my youngest son summed it up best when he said, “Mom, you were in love with Paris before you ever even saw it.” And he was right. Mine may not be your typical story about romance, but it is one of love. As a single mom of two boys I knew it was incumbent upon me to find a hobby that kept my little family connected.It wasn’t until I lost my Mom to cancer that I realized that travel was not only what would begin to heal us, but would continue to connect us. It has been eleven years since that first trip and while there are more than a few amusing anecdotes about our travels, my most fond memory is of Paris. We spent a week crammed in a tiny hotel room with one bed and a roll away.At night, we would collapse into bed and amidst constant laughter, recount the adventures of the day until one by one, we each fell asleep. Some might say it was because we were so far from home that we felt so together that week but if you’ve ever been to the City of Lights, you know that is was simply because of Paris. I would love to celebrate my oldest son's graduation from college and my youngest son's graduation from high school with another trip to Paris! (photo from Seine River cruise)

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