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Peanut butter and chocolate! That’s how my love story begins, sweet romance. For as long as I can remember the glow of Christmas lights, my Grandfather would mail a special holiday package to me once a year – a tin of homemade chocolate covered peanut butter balls. The treats always brought me back to the sweetest memories of the season, a special-secret family tradition. After college I moved half a world away from my family, to take on my fist big job alone. I just so happened to secure an apartment in my new town just days before I arrived, site unseen- little did I know it’s where I would meet my husband. He noticed me hauling giant moving boxes to the trash, later revealing he pretended to check the mail to get a closer look. On Valentine’s eve, there was a knock on my door- it was my attractive new neighbor, in a suit, just off from work. I opened the door to chat and he smiled, then he reached out and gave me a box; and wouldn’t you know it, three homemade chocolate covered peanut butter balls freshly baked by his mom. The tradition lives on.

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