Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Saint Amour Apartment

by Christopher & Jan Oldham - Scottsvale, AZ

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Bravo again!

What a wonderful job you have done on the delightful St Amour. Spacious, charmingly decorated and equipped (as always) and veritably our 'home' in Paris. Thank you, yet again.

Although the Quartier is well known to us from our many previous visits, we 'discovered' another lovely place to dine - reasonably, and elegantly.

153 Grenelle on Rue de Grenelle. Jean Jacques Touteaux is a wonderful host, the cadre is simple and elegant, and the food is quite delicious.

We love the 7eme!! Always something new to discover.

Thanks again and a bientot."

Christopher & Jan Oldham - Scottsvale, AZ

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