Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Champagne Apartment

by Dave & Judy Anderson

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Dear Paris Perfect: What else can I say? You made our stay in Paris "perfect". From the moment that we were greeted and given the tour of our apartment to the sad moment when we had to relinquish our keys you made our stay enjoyable and memorable. It was almost difficult to venture out when we enjoyed such a spectacular view of the city. The Eiffel Tower could be seen from almost every window! The immediate neighbourhood was filled with beautiful restaurants and outdoor cafes and if dining in the apartment was what we wanted we were close to shops selling wonderful pastries and baguettes and there was a grocery store a mere half a block away. The trip to the Louvre was a highlight. One interesting feature was the Master Class Copiers, highlighted by meeting Amal Dagher, the Dean of Louvre Copiers. Pictures of him and his work are being framed as mementoes of our holiday. Thank you again for a wonderful stay.

Dave & Judy Anderson

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