Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Pomerol Apartment

by PJ Rosenthal

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Paris has served as the book-end of 3 previous vacation trips to Europe, so when my husband and I were planning our 50th birthday/20 anniversary/no children vacation, we knew it was time to give Paris our full attention and we also knew we wanted an apartment in the rue Cler area.

When I discovered ParisPerfect I knew that I would plan our vacation around when I could book the apartment I wanted. Our trip turned out to be all that I hoped it would be, and Pomerol was a large part of the success!

We spent 10 days "playing house" out of our lovely, well-planned apartment. We breakfasted on local baked goods and fruit with the Eiffel Tower in sight. We picked one neighborhood a day, walked until we could no longer move, and always knew we could stop off at our comfortable apartment for a short (or long) rest. On days when we ate a large restaurant lunch, we knew we could always find something delicious in the markets on our street to make a light dinner. Every evening, no matter what time, we would stroll the Parc du Champs de Mars for the day's last look of the tower - and it was always there again in the morning, framed in the dining area window!

We planned our trip for the early fall when the open air markets would be bursting with lovely goods, and I highly recommend that visitors take advantage of the bounty these vendors bring into Paris every day.

Thank you Madelyn and Philippe for the thought and care you have put into your properties. This was a dream vacation!

PJ and Marty Rosenthal Berkeley, CA USA"

PJ Rosenthal

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