Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Pomerol Apartment

by Karen C.

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

This was my virtual 10 day trip to France. All my plans and services were selected and paid for via the internet with no knowledge whatsoever of any of the vendors.

After spending many hours on the internet looking for an apartment to replace a hotel room, I came across Paris Perfect. With patience, the Pomerol became available for the time period I needed. I brought a friend along on her first trip to Europe and was really hoping I hadn't made any mistakes.

She loved the Pomerol, especially the view of the Eiffel Tower at night. I was delighted that everything went according to plan and the apartment looked EXACTLY like the pictures on the internet.

This was a wonderful way to become a part of a neighborhood and just a little more special than an ordinary tourist.

We were really coming into our own with our favorite neighborhood restaurants and shops all selected when it was time to go home.

Can't wait to return to Paris as well as try the other locations available.

Merci beaucoup."

Karen C.

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