Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Saint Emilion Apartment

by W.W. - Newton, Ma.

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Dear Philippe,

We returned yesterday from six weeks in Europe, and I wanted to write and say that the stay in the St. Emilion apartment was the highlight of a wonderful trip. Everything about our experience there was first-rate. The apartment was wonderfully decorated, very spacious and had a heart-stopping view of the Eiffel Tower from the living room.

People considering Paris Perfect should compare it to a top-end hotel. A vacationer or longer-term business will enjoy having the extra rooms, great kitchen and dining space that would cost infinitely more in a Paris grand hotel. And, as someone who has stayed in the top hotels, I can say that none of them will ever come close to providing the warm hospitality that Philippe showed us.

I've traveled all over the world both personally and on business, and you have instantly vaulted into my "global top five accommodations." If Paris Perfect were a home run, the ball would have been hit out of the park and last seen bouncing through the parking lot. Bravo, and we look forward to seeing you on our next visit to Paris!"

W.W. - Newton, Ma.

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