Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Folle Blanche Apartment

by Niall, Gretchen, Riley, & Fiona Gannon

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Philippe and Madeline

What can we say other than thank you very much for allowing us such a wonderful experience in Paris. The city was great- but no other memory can come close to having dinner and wine over looking the Eiffel Tower and the city. Our favorite daytime activity was going to the markets every day for provisions and learning the names of the merchants we frequented. The amount of attention to detail I observed in your operation is unmatched by the Ritz or the St. Regis. The on call doctor, the step by step instructions on how to use the appliances, and the compimentary nespresso cartriges were such a nice touch. The bottom line is that we could not have had this experience in a hotel.

Please use us as a reference if you wish as it is our desire, and in our best interest, to see your business thrive.

God Bless"

Niall, Gretchen, Riley, & Fiona Gannon

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