Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Saint Amour Apartment

by Moore Family, Canada

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"The apartment was in a fabulous location, could see the Eiffel Tower out of the windows without having to feel crowded. The apartment was very clean and modern. While the second bedroom was small the kids loved it. The location could not be beat, with fabulous restaurants, green grocer, butcher, wine store and patiserries just around the corner. The apartment is located just above a cafe and with the sun shining in, several times we opened the French doors and had our afternoon cafe experience, without the smokers, which my children could not tolerate, we had our own smoke free cafe. Great location, great people (both the greeter and the driver organized through ParisPerfect) great apartment.

As an overall note I would advise that I have highly recommended your organization to several colleagues who are looking to travel to London, Paris and Italy. In fact I have reviewed your sites for Italy, which is coming up on our agenda. I have found your organization extremely professional, and your properties live up to their billing. Both my wife and I, who both travel on business and are use to Four Seasons quality accommodation, were very pleased with your apartments."

Moore Family, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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