Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Merlot Apartment

by Robin Rea-Scarborough

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

""Do you know that feeling when you get off a long flight, and you're excited, but tired, and a strange, but beautiful city is so bewitching, but for the moment all you want is a cup of tea and a chair and a moment to relax and take it all in? Well, that's how we all felt when we arrived in Paris ( some for the first time) this
past March, and when the taxi pulled up in front of the address, I wondered if our ""home"" for the next 8 days could be as sweet and welcoming as I needed it to be at that moment...well, it was, and then some...Merlot was a charming, peaceful haven...we watched the children on their way to school in the morning, and at evening, the Eiffel Tower transformed into a light show. So much better than a hotel room, Paris Perfect creates a ""home"" for you, and that, my friends, is the cream in the eclair. Au revoir. See you in Paris! "

Robin Rea-Scarborough

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