Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Chateau Latour Apartment

by Wendy, Peter, Madeline, Fraser & Anthea - Arusha, Tanzania

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"We had a wonderful week in Paris at your apartment, thankyou so much, I loved the bath tub especially and wondered at the power of the Meile Dryer which was a million times faster than mine at home, the apartment was perfect for my family of 5, the location excellant, and catching the bus was always interesting...although I now know get on through the front exit through the middle doors...

We were also surprised that the children were free at so many museums, we also used the Taxi driver to take us to the airport, he was lovely.

So thanks again, we are back in Tanzania now, 5 weeks travelling around the planet has been great, glad to start the holiday with such a wonderful Parisan Experience."

Wendy, Peter, Madeline, Fraser & Anthea - Arusha, Tanzania

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