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for Rully Apartment

by Christopher & Jan Oldham, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Just got back from a wonderful week in Paris where we stayed, as per our last visit when we spent Christmas there, in Rully. This, I think, is our 8th or 9th visit over the years with Paris Perfect in the 7th Arr. Thank you Madelyn and Philippe for this treasured resource you provide. Refreshingly, everything remains the same from year to year, Madame Cantin's cheeses, La Sablaise's Fish, our butcher (Viandes du Champ de Mars) who we have used for years, Harry Cover, Au Petit Sud-Ouest, Christian Constant's excellent collection (gosh the agneau de lait was good!) and of course one of our favorities Chez L'Ami Jean where we always seem to get into hilarious exchanges with St├ęphane (Jego) and Mario at the table at the back next to the "passe". One of our favorite apartments for its quietness (Fleurie too), it was a wonderful place to come back to after our explorations in our most favorite city (where our daughter also lives) in the chilly and damp April Showers. A magical trip - as always - thanks!"

Christopher & Jan Oldham, Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

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