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for Bergerac Apartment

by S. H. Wiley

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Your Bergerac apartment was, indeed, "perfect" for our needs--and after our wonderful week there in March 2005, we are happy return customers, looking forward to a London stay with this year.

We will certainly recommend Paris Perfect to friends (even at the risk that your bookings will become more difficult to make!)--and hope that we are able to return again. You have helped create some beautiful memories for our family--and for that, we thank you.

Our week in Paris would not have been the wonderful trip it was without the comforts of Bergerac to return to each afternoon. Both of our granddaughters are "nesters"--and as soon as we returned to the apartment late each afternoon, they would promptly disappear to "their" bedroom to read, talk, list to their CDs, and whatever else preteens do--leaving us adults free to enjoy our break to ourselves before we set out again for dinner. Kate, age 13 especially loved Madelyn's decor--said she'd like her first apartment to look just like it! (She's our budding artist--and left her rendering of Bergerac's Eiffel view in your guest book). We celebrated her 13th birthday with a chocolate mousse cake from the patisserie--and the Eiffel Tower cooperated with its sparkling light show just as she blew out the candle. What a wondrous evening!

The girls became fast friends with the two women who run the patisserie next door--they even exchanged gifts on our last day. They laughed at French tv's version of "American Idol," loved ordering their meals in French, were awe-struck at being able to see so many of their favorite Impressionist paintings (the Marmotten is a real jewel of a museum), were amazed at the variety of birds at the Sunday bird market.

Thanks, Madelyn and Philippe. . . so glad we found your perfect Paris lodgings."

S. H. Wiley

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