Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Folle Blanche Apartment

by Bill & Susan S, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"We really enjoyed our stay in Paris. The Paris Perfect team gave us first-class service. The apartment was clean and very comfortable and the location was great.

PP leaves a handbook in the apartment with all sorts of helpful information and recommendations. The neighborhood shopping and restaurants are excellent and I would recommend restaurant reservations. The restaurants are small and fill up around 7:30 PM.

We didn't cook in for dinners, but between the grocery stores that are a short walk away, a well-stocked butcher and bakery around the corner, you can get all that you need for dinner at home. The two delis on rue Cler which is a stroll away would also allow for dinner at home without cooking.

We would also recommend using the cab company that PP recommends. It's probably more expensive than just grabbing a cab from the airport, but they meet you when you come out of the baggage claim area, call PP to determine whether to take you to the apartment or their office and will give you an on-time pick up when you go back to the airport. Their command of English is good and they really take the stress out of the arrival and departure process.

As a heads up, the airlines in the CDG international terminal share the ticketing/baggage drop off kiosks. That means you may not find your airline when you first enter the terminal. A check on the information board or a visit to the information desk will tell you when your airline will open up and at which kiosk.

Again, I would really recommend Paris Perfect and the cab company. They are both excellent!"

Bill & Susan S, Brewster, Massachusetts, United States

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