Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Marsannay Apartment

by Jeffrey and Sandi S, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"We had such a lovely stay in one of your other apartments last year that our only concern this year was whether our expectations for this year's stay would not be met. Let us assure you that was not the case. The Marsannay was an excellent blend of tradiitonal archecture with beautiful ceilings and elegant furniture and spacious and modern bathrooms and appliances. As we have now come to expect from Paris Perfect's managemment of its apartments, the Marsannay was equipped with every convenience and necessity to facilitate our having a great vacation and creating the feeling at the end of each day that we were simply returning to our home. We thank you for making this a memorable trip, and look forward to making this an anuual habit on both your and our parts."

Jeffrey and Sandi S, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA, United States

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