Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Folle Blanche Apartment

by Galen & Vanessa H, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Paris Perfect is truly "perfect". Outstanding service, a great attitude and a wonderful apartment were just a few things that set them apart from other companies. It was great that we had a place to temporarily store our luggage until our apartment was ready for check-in in the afternoon while we roamed the city.

The apartment Folle Blanche was in a fantastic neighborhood with fantastic shops, restaurants, etc, all within a short walking distance. We were celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and everything was fantastic. It is true that location really matters!

The only problem we had is that instead of renting for one week, we should have rented for two weeks. Next time, we'll know better. We also took advantage of the recommended concierge service and we took a cooking class. Now, I know how to debone a chicken! We look forward to our next visit."

Galen & Vanessa H, Taunton, United States

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