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for Bergerac Apartment

by Beverly A, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Our stay at the Bergerac apartment last month could not have been more perfect. From the moment we walked in and saw that, yes, that IS the Eiffel Tower we were transported. The neighborhood was delightful. I was a bit afraid that it would be crowded with us (tourists) but despite its proximity to that magnificent landmark it is a very real neighborhood. We loved visiting "our" butcher, and baker and fromagerie. Speaking of which, shopping at Cantin fromagerie was a delight. Thanks for that suggestion and all the restaurant tips.

Having a well stocked kitchen helped in an unexpected way when one of our group had a short term health issue and could not go out. We simply stocked up at the local market across the Seine on Saturday morning and enjoyed two fabulous dinners in.

Thanks for providing a gorgeous, clean, and beautifully appointed apartment for our dream vacation."

Beverly A, United States

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