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for Folle Blanche Apartment

by Greg & Marina F, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"We stayed at the Folle Blanche with our adult daughter. This was our 5th stay with Paris Perfect apartments. The Folle Blanche was great - it is very large for a one bedroom apartment and the living room functions as a second bedroom at night.

The WC is between the two rooms so neither party has to disturb the other. The apartment flows well and does not feel crowded at all. The furniture is comfortable and attractive. The bathroom is large, well appointed, and works very well. The view is great and the location is the most convenient of any of the rentals we've stayed in.

The boulangerie, ATM, grocery store, wine store, and much more are a short walk away. The next time we go we will request the Folle Blanche. Thanks!"

Greg & Marina F, Plano, Texas, United States

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