Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Pomerol Apartment

by Marlene & Jerry Walters, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Pomerol turned out to be quite perfect for our stay. We especially liked the location in the 7th and could easily imagine that we actually lived in Paris, walking up the spiral staircase to our 5th floor apartment (or using the tiny elevator). Pomerol is not a "luxury" experience but more of a well-kept, live as a comfortable Parisian experience. The bed linens are quite nice, and the apartment is well-furnished. We never did figure out the "two in one" Miele washer-dryer but didn't mind using the drying rack. A few extra towels would be nice and Americans do like their washcloths, something the French don't seem to use. We enjoyed Pomerol quite a lot, and having two half-bathrooms in a small apartment makes a difference. Upon our arrival, the neighbor on the first floor made it clear that we had better not be noisy. As it turned out, we were the especially quiet ones. People party on the weekends. One important note--one of us was quite sick and it would have been great to have found info on finding healthcare in the provided information which was otherwise quite complete. Our greeter, Kevin, was very professional and as it turned out, a Californian like us. Paris Perfect is no doubt a reliable choice."

Marlene & Jerry Walters, Kensington, California, United States

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