Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Jasnieres Apartment

by Melissa & Michael, USA

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Everything was so wonderful. We loved our apartment from its location, access to everything we wanted to do, and how comfortable and well appointed it was. Our greeters were great so far as orienting us to the apartment and neighborhood. The guidebook was excellent, and a resource that we used many times. I appreciate how much work must have gone into putting that guidebook together, and it was so nice to have. We enjoyed many of the neighborhood recommendations, especially chef Constant's places. Everyone in the neighborhood and in Paris for that matter was so friendly and welcoming.

We just wanted to take a moment to give your our very positive feedback, and we have told several of our friends about your organization, based on our wonderful experience. I hope we can return to your fine city some day. Thank you again!"

Melissa & Michael, USA

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