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by Joy Hendricksen & 6 Friends

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Six of my girlfriends and I treated ourselves to 60th birthday gifts to ourselves and spent 8 nights in Provence and 8 nights in Paris. In Paris 5 of us were in the Sancerre and 2 in the Champagne. I CAN'T SAY ENOUGH FABULOUS WORDS ABOUT THE APARTMENTS AND THE PARIS PERFECT PEOPLE. I had started emailing Madelyn perhaps 3 years ago!! She was always very prompt and informative in her responses. The reservations and payment were all very seamless. Philippe made sure we had the information we needed and guided us through that process. One would never have to worry about booking online with Paris Perfect. Both apartments were as shown on the website and then exceeded our expectations!!! They were both spectacular!! The Tour Eiffel outside our dining room window was so close we felt we could touch it. We were entranced with the "Grande Dame" from the time we would wake up and come out to the dining room for coffee and then again when "She" was "sparkling" at night. We hated to close the shutters and windows to go to bed at night!

I was slightly concerned about 5 women with 2 baths and 1 WC with everyone getting ready to start our day in the morning. However, we all worked very well together and never had a problem. There were beautiful LARGE mirrors in both the foyer and living room of the Sancerre to put makeup on and also blow dry hair after showering if another was in the bathroom. Every single detail has been well thought out! The apartment contained lots of storage in beautiful antique chests outside of the bedrooms and large well designed closets or beautiful armoires in the bedrooms. The "Yellow Bible" of information didn't miss anything! We used everything in the apartment very easily! The Nepresso machine was such a treat for me!

The neighborhood of both the Sancerre and Champagne is WONDERFUL! The next time I'm in Paris at a Paris Perfect apartment, I'd like to just immerse myself deeply in the immediate area. Rue St. Dominique and Rue de Grenelle (and lots of other streets in the area) have wonderful boulangeries, traiteurs, fleurists, bistros, a fabulous coffee store, cafes, etc., etc. I wouldn't need to travel too far for anything and steeping myself in the area would be delightful!

I know I'm speaking for our group of 7 women when I say that our expectations were totally exceeded and we would all stay in these two apartments (or any of the others) in a heartbeat! However, the 2 1/2 weeks we were in Provence and Paris, the temperatures were in the high 80's to mid-90's with major humidity -- our next trip will definitely be in April/May or September/October. There were many days that we faded very early from the heat which, fortunately, left many things for us to see and do on the next trip!!!

Merci beaucoup and kudos to Philippe, Madelyn, Carolyn, and Sarah for making this dream trip a reality in a most seamless, fabulous manner."

Joy Hendricksen & 6 Friends

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