Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Chateau Latour Apartment

by Eric Hawley, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Our week-long stay was not even close to long enough, it was so wonderful! The apartment is a wonderful size and layout for a couple who had been on the road for four weeks already, and worked perfectly for us. The location is stunning, from the absolutely gorgeous views of the Eiffel Tower and surrounding neighborhood and seemingly all of Paris across the neighboring rooftops, to the wonderful neighborhood. Being able to step out the door, and walk less than a block to shop at first the butcher, then the wine shop, then the vegetable stand, and finally across the street to the patisserie, and have the makings of the night's meal in a couple of bags within 15 minutes, was a treat unique to Paris, and a process we repeated several times during our stay. The fresh local foods bought every afternoon from friendly and helpful merchants, to cook in our own apartment that evening was a treat. We are already planning our return next year, and once we have our travel dates verified, will be (hopefully) reserving this same apartment for next year, and for more than one week."

Eric Hawley, Shaw Island, United States

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