Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Collioure Apartment

by Jessica & Marc Levy, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Colliore is a charming apartment that was perfect for my husband, teenage daughter, and me. Perfect location, lovely view of the Tower, quiet and well-renovated, it was also well-appointed and had plenty of storage room. We loved the shower and double sink, and were amused and challenged by the tiny WC - but managed it fine (larger people would have trouble but we're short!) The beds, linens, and towels were comfortable, and it was nice to have the AC units' fans to use in the uncommonly warm weather. My only complaint would be the squeaky floorboards - and the fact that the building's soundproofing isn't ideal; we could hear the neighbors pretty well. We'd definitely stay here again, though, and cannot recommend Paris Perfect highly enough."

Jessica & Marc Levy, Englewood, United States

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