Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Rully Apartment

by Julie Bell, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"The apartment was very comfortable and we definitely enjoyed our stay. It was comfortably furnished, well decorated, the kitchen nicely stocked with current appliances. The washer/dryer was a lifesaver with the kids, and we really appreciated the a/c unit given the heat snap that was happening. Being a block from the Eiffel Tower was fun! And the Paris Perfect staff made checking in/out very easy.

I would say the only downside is it is a bit far from the metro stop, a little under a mile, which with kids got a little old walking back and forth to. I imagine the buses might have been a good alternative but we had no idea how to use them, as the metro is much more intuitive. Once you got to the metro, of course getting around everywhere is easy and wonderful."

Julie Bell, Piedmont, CA, United States

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