Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Muscadelle Apartment

by David & Judy Neunuebel, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Where does one start? First, our initial engagement with PMP was very professional and very helpful as we worked though the large inventory of apartments, their respective floor plans and neighborhoods. We finally chose Muscadelle and boy was that a home run for us. The apartment was perfect for us - two adults. The bed was large and comfortable and Kevin, our concierge who met us, showed us how to store our luggage under the bed which was great because luggage is pretty unsightly and it can take up a lot of room. So for our entire stay we had no luggage in the rooms. Storage was great, good amount of space to hang clothes, plenty of shelves and dresser drawers. The little efficiency kitchen was just right for two. Our only complaint is that the knives were so dull we couldn't cut bread–well we could but we had to saw the bread and as wonderful as it is to have fresh Parisian bread, this was unfortunate. We stuck with baguettes. The neighborhood was simply wonderful. The apartment is in a building right in the middle of a quiet little walking mall sort of neighborhood but only a block or two from the main streets which take you into other areas of Paris. We were there for two weeks so to some extent became familiar with many of the people at the market, cheese shop and cafes. Really cool. PMP was also very helpful after we arrived in Paris, answering our occasional questions and giving guidance. We will definitely do Paris again, probably next year and absolutly use PMP again. We're thinking of a different arrondissement for variety of reasons (PMP has, of course, other great apartments) but then again, to return to "our apartment and our neighborhood" is not beyond the realm of possibilities."

David & Judy Neunuebel, Santa Barbara, CA, United States

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