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for Saint Julien Apartment

by Ron C, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"The Saint Julien was indeed the "Perfect Paris" apartment for us. This being the second time we had rented from you (the first was a very nice apartment off Blvd. Raspaill in 2010),we knew what to expect and, I must say that, if anything, your company has become more efficient and customer oriented over the 5 year period. From first contact in reservations to greeting to service with minor maintenance issues, you made our 5 weeks in Paris truly magical. The location of the apartment was fantastic, and the neighborhood gave us the feeling of being true Parisiens. Nightly strolls to watch the hourly light show at the Eiffel Tower became favorite pass times for us and our guests, and the Saint Julien was perfect for us to act as hosts to our friends for a week. Thanks for a memorable vacation, and we will definitely be return customers...for a third, fourth,...time!"

Ron C, San Jose, California, United States

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