Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Viognier Apartment

by Theresa Rodrigues, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"From start to finish every detail was so easy with Paris Perfect. A nice and friendly staff. We chose the Viognier apt. after seeing photos of it. We were not disappointed. It was so spacious and beautiful. The Eiffel Tower was so close you could almost touch it. Each morning waking up and seeing that view with the autumn leaf trees and at night the tower all lit up was absolutely awesome. It was a great location. 3 cafes outside so we could have our cappuccino & croissant in the morning and glass of wine at night. Beginning and end to perfect days. I loved Paris and the people. I will definitely go back someday and when I do, Paris Perfect will be my first choice for accommodations. Thank you Paris was perfect!"

Theresa Rodrigues, Castro Valley, CA, United States

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