Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Folle Blanche Apartment

by Bill Schirmacher, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"We spent the last two weeks of December in Folle Blanche. Paris at Christmas time is very nice. The apartment has a lovely view of the Eiffel Tower. The neighborhood around Folle Blanche is family oriented and has a very safe feeling. There are many good restaurants in the area. In addition to the convenient grocery stores, there are two great areas for grocery shopping. Both are within easy walking distance.

There are three metro stations within easy walking distance. The metro is very easy to use. Between a street map that included a metro map and a Paris metro app, we could go anywhere in Paris very quickly and do so cheaply.

This apartment rental company has branches in England, France, and Italy. We have used them five times. Their level of service is excellent. They respond to any problem very quickly and they really help to take the stress out of traveling to Europe.

I recommend buying the Paris Pass for museums. It allows you to skip ticket lines, but you will still have to stand in security lines. Musee Quai Branly and Napoleon's Tomb are good places to buy the Paris Pass without having to stand in a long line. Both museums are within easy walking distance.

We have also used the taxi service that Paris Perfect recommends. There are less expensive ways to get into the city, but they take out all of the stress of getting to the apartment and back to the airport. They are very responsive and reliable - it's worth the expense.

Bill Schirmacher, Brewster, Massachusetts, United States

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