Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Viognier Apartment

by Ken Despotakis, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"This is the third time that my wife and I have rented a apartment from Paris Perfect and I have to tell you every time is better than the last. The apartment was gorgeous, I mean gorgeous. We were on the sixth floor with a elevator, a cute one at that. And we have the most remarkable view of the Eiffel Tower. The local restaurants were terrific and I cannot tell you what a wonderful time we had. This is the second time we have come to Paris to celebrate Valentines Day and we had a wonderful time. We even had Paris Perfect arrange for us to have a private chef make us dinner in "our" apartment for Valentines Day. A wonderful apartment and a gorgeous apartment. Thank you Paris Perfect again for a wonderful experience."

Ken Despotakis, Moss beach, California, United States

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