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for Saint Julien Apartment

by M Gerner, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"We had a lovely experience during our week renting the St. Julien apartment in December, 2015. We were initially booked for the Pomerol but there was work being done in that building when we arrived so Paris Perfect offered to upgrade us to the St. Julien at no additional cost which turned out to be just fine. The apartment is very commodious for two people, even having two bathrooms and an extra "sitting room" which was great for storing the luggage. Beautifully decorated, the St. Julien has every accoutrement you could desire, including a Nespresso machine--so wonderful before setting out for a long day of walking! The only "tight squeeze" in the apartment is the bedroom where the queen-size bed is a bit tight against the outside wall and very near the luxurious, pooling draperies making it difficult for the person sleeping on that side to get in and out easily. But crawling up the bed proved no difficulty for me and actually added a bit of whimsy to the occasion and we were sure grateful for the queen-sized bed! The best part about the St. Julien is the location: 7th Arr., diagonal from the Champs du Mars and Eiffel Tower, right on the corner of the Rue St. Dominique and a stone's throw from the Rue Cler. There is really good shopping around this area and you can walk to Paris Perfect's office around the corner, bus stops and taxi stands are just across the street, a bakery is right next door (one of two on the block, along with a market, a vegetable/fruit stand, a wine shop, a chocolatier, two cheesy souvenir shops, a pharmacy and many wonderful restaurants.) In my opinion, this part of the 7th is the best location for restaurants in Paris and you can easily walk throughout the 7th and over to the 15th (which has a wonderful outdoor market on Wednesdays and Sundays) and the Rue de Commerce. The whole area is a less "manic" Paris, and, in parts, more like a high-class neighborhood. The only down side was the distance to the Metro. The apartment isn't really convenient to any one Metro station which is a shame because Paris' Metro is one of the easiest, most efficient in the world. But if you like taking the bus, you are golden! Major bus lines collide here and you can go virtually anywhere and enjoy the scenery as well. Lastly, I will say we got a great rate from Paris Perfect since December is off-season. I wouldn't recommend a person make her first visit to Paris in the winter, but for a "rebound" visit at Christmastime, it can be delightful: no lines at the museums, no sweating walking long distances, no huge tour groups crowding the tourist areas, Christmas lights along with the twinkling Tower, Christmas sales, seasonal foods, animated windows at the major department stores, or a trip on the train to Strasbourg to the Christmas market."

M Gerner, Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky, United States

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