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for Chambertin Apartment

by Cheri Weller, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"The perfect apartment for two! The Chambertin apartment has it all; GREAT location and view, pieceful tree lined street, except during the euro cup, excellent restaurants within walking distance and it is in the oh so lovely 7th arrondesmont. Part of our stay overlapped with the opening week of the Euro cup turnament so we had more entertainment and commotion than we planned on. The RER C line was down for the week because of the recent flood, transportation strikes, and the "fan zone" lead to closed roads all around the apartment. But even with all of this, Paris holds more charm than most citys could only dream of and our stay was wonderful! Paris Perfect is the best company we have had the pleasure of working with. Victor's taxi service that was recommended proved to be an excellent choice. It felt as though we had a private driver just a text away! We also highly recommend the small group tour of Normandy and the 2CV tour at night! The Chambertin apartment itself has a nice staircase that is very manageable to climb if small elevators are not your thing. All the residents that we met gave a kind bonjour in passing. The bathroom is amazing but the WC may make you nervous if you have any issues with tight spaces! We used the kitchen daily. It was well stocked and the welcome basket was very thoughtful and appreciated. I do want to note that the washer and dryer is a combo unit that is popular throughout Europe but to an American it could be viewed as "challenging". Just plan on using the drying rack that is conveniently provided!"

Cheri Weller, Mattawan, MI, United States

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