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for Marsannay Apartment

by Jeffrey Solomon, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Our recent May - June stay in the Marsannay apartment of Paris Perfect was our fourth consecutive stay in this apartment and our fifth consecutive year of visiting Paris in an apartment managed by Paris Perfect. That in itself should attest to our having fallen in love with Paris and experiencing Paris in an apartment rather than a hotel. I use the word experience because an apartment (as contrasted to our previous hotel stays) has provided an entirely different perspective of the City for us. You really do have a sense that you are part of the neighborhood, and that after a long day of exploring the City that in coming back to your apartment you are coming home to put your feet up and just relax and talk about the day's experiences. Personally we prefer the apartments in the 7th for a variety of reasons; not the least of which is to look out at the Eiffel Tower with its glorious blinking lights each night before retiring. Compared to other Arrondissements we have found the 7th to be quiet and more peaceful, but either by walking or metro to be quite accessible to museums and all other areas of Paris. But in any case, we have found that the apartments managed by Paris Perfect are honestly and accurately described on their Web Site, and are very well maintained and appointed by Paris Perfect. For those that may be a bit nervous of being in a strange city without recourse to call the front desk of the hotel for information and guidance (as frankly we were prior to our first stay in a Paris Perfect apartment), Paris Perfect both in the apartment and on its reservation page does provide comprehensive information about your neighborhood, exhibits and attractions, transportation services (including English-speaking taxis), and emergency services (e.g. medical care). That information coupled with Rick Steves' Paris undoubtedly provides many people with more knowledge about Paris their own hometown. Each of our trips to Paris have been unique and a delightful experience, and we thank Paris Perfect for making it so.

One last remark about concerns many people have about Paris's unfortunate recent terrorism experiences. Whether we were naïve or not, we never throughout our travels within Paris had any concerns for safety. Though we suspect police protection was ever present, it never was in an obvious way so as to cause anxiety. We also would note with regard to all the reported labor strikes affecting France (and the rail strike did cause us to have to cancel a 2-day side trip to the Loire Valley), within Paris the strikes did not affect local transportation or the enjoyment of the City and its attractions.

Jeffrey Solomon, Pennsylvania, United States

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