Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Castillon - Place Dauphine Apartment

by Vickie Francone, United States

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"I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed my stay at 25 Place Dauphine. I thought it to be a wonderful place.
It is very hard to find a place to stay as nice as home but this has exceeded my expectations.
Please tell the owner and staff how much I enjoyed it!
I even walked into a movie set one day at Restaurant Paul in Place Dauphine Square. It is no secret how nice this area of Paris is.
I stayed here alone for 3 days after my companion left and never felt that I was unsafe.
For a few details that I must mention; the Castillon apartment was gorgeous, very light with 3 large windows facing the square.
As I walked around I could see that the decorator paid attention to every details. In the kitchen there was supplies to make a espresso, cold water, jams, and tea. The washer dryer had soap and dishwasher was also supplied with soap. Liquid soap for washing any pots was included. Bathrooms were also wonderful; they included plush white towels, body soap, and lotion.
The mirror in the sitting room was also a TV. The furnishings were actually more than wonderful.
I suggest anyone interested to go to the webpage and view this beautiful place.
Upon packing to leave I set out cleaning as I would at home. I felt it important to care for this place so that I could come back many times in the future.
Thank you Paris Perfect for making the "perfect" stay while in Paris.

Vickie Francone, California, United States

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