Paris Apartment Guest Review

for Collioure Apartment

by Johansson, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Barbara and I had a great time the two weeks in Paris. All the persons at Paris perfect were very helpful. The Colliore apartment was great at a great location off Saint Dominique. The cooking coarse that you recommended Catherine Reed was excellent. We enjoyed almost a full day there, Catherine is very charming and very knowledgeable. We highly recommend her. The taxi service Victor Cab was also very helpful. Always on time. We were very busy visited two museums including Musee Orangeries, which is a great museum just large enough without being overwhelming. This is Barbara's 4th visit to Paris, I used to come regularly when I was working, had business at Tour Montparnasse. One note, Paris Perfect should consider the age of its customers. I'm nearly over the hill at plus 80 and have trouble handling too many keys. In your information sheet re restaurants you should include Bistro Polydor on rue M. le Prince, it is classic and not a tourist trap. Again ladies we thank you for making our stay great.

Johansson, Kansas, United States

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