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for Châteauneuf Apartment

by John W, United States

Paris Apartment Guest Reviews

"Our recent stay at the Chateauneuf apartment was our fifth with London/Paris Perfect. This additional data point confirms what we have experienced with previous rentals – apartment location is convenient in all respects, things are as they seem on the website, or better, service is top notch, and pricing is fair.

This leaves space to extol the virtues of true French windows, as manifest in the Chateauneuf apartment. Marvels of design and engineering, the windows should be opened wide in the summer for the cool morning and evening air. Neighbors will be doing the same, sometimes with a distinct flourish. It is a lovely ritual in which to participate and to observe. Look up and you have the Eiffel Tower, look left a fine Beaux -Arts apartment building, look down and street-side cafes and human and canine activity provide constant amusement. You do not have a balcony per se, but opening the windows, which are much taller and wider than you are, effectively transforms the living room into a very satisfactory facsimile. Being there is a perfect way of extending - at both ends - an already pleasurable day in Paris!"

John W, United States

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