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for Castillon - Place Dauphine Apartment

by Stephanie Dray, United States

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"Spacious, lovely, well-designed modern apartment with a loud and lively night life. My husband and I loved everything about our stay at 25 Place Dauphin and wanted for nothing but a book of matches to light the candles during a romantic dinner. Americans will find this apartment well within their expectations of comfort; the elevator is not at all claustrophobic. It fits several (even large) persons and luggage. Bathrooms and showers are not cramped. A big bed (although I wished it had been a king, it was sufficient and comfortable).

From the moment we entered the place, realizing small little comforts had been attended to, such as milk in the fridge for the espresso that can be made in the machine by the sink--little cookies and jam to go with it. Bread delivered in the morning. And so on. You'll want to do some shopping in Saint Germain at Picards so that you'll have options to stay in, because truly that is a wonderful experience too.

The very loud ball games that take place right outside the window until 3am were quite charming to us as vacationers, though I imagine it might annoy people who need a good night's sleep. And the couch might need to be replaced soon as the seat cushions have a tendency to slide and make it less comfortable. Otherwise everything is beautiful and thoughtfully designed and how can you not love sleeping under a chandelier and a 400 year old wood beam? I will dream fondly of my time waking up for a little stroll on the Pont Neuf, but until I can return, I feel in exile!"

Stephanie Dray, Owings Mills, MD, United States

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