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by Pat, United States

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"We had a lovely time at the Bergerac apartment: views, accommodations, neighborhood, etc. All have been praised—appropriately—many times over in the reviews. I want to share another thought. This was precipitated by a comment in one of Maddy's recent blog posts: the serendipitous events that can occur in Paris.

All holidays / vacations / travels have amazing and fun unexpected occurrences. Here's one of ours. This trip we opted, in addition to seeing the wonderful holiday decorations and feasting on festive foods, to visit some places we hadn't been before. That found us in Les Puces on a Saturday morning. And, just by chance, we crossed paths with Pere Noel and his helpers (what are they called?). We shared a delightful mixed language chat which ended up with the promise of a Christmas present of the keys to a Parisian apartment! So fun.

So what does this chance meeting have to do with Paris Perfect? It's easy. If we hadn't had the perfect apartment in the perfect location we might not have been at the flea market that morning. We might have been delayed by an appliance that didn't work or dealing with a less than perfect croissant or any number of distractions that a less-then-Paris-Perfect apartment can cause.

Thank you for your excellent service and attention to detail."

Pat, United States

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